A fellow photographer just asked for help because they have been in a photography slump for the last four months. I thought I’d share my reply and ideas to help us all when this happens. Face it — it happens to all of us sooner or later.

Here is an article I wrote for Photofocus that lists six ways to help.

Bonus motivation and help

This section is not in the above article. I do hope you’ll check that out though as not feeling motivated to go out and photograph happens to us all. These things can help us get our mojo back.

SEE! 6 Week Photography Mentorship

Have you ever taken an online mentorship? There are so many options for courses and classes out there both in-person and online. I’m excited to be offering my 6-week How Do You See program.

The program starts on February 10th, you’ll get your first lesson and it will run for 6-weeks. Each week you’ll get an assignment, turn in images and we’ll discuss it in a private community.

Here’s some feedback I received from a current student:

Are you one of the following?

Meet Penelope Photographer. Penelope has a full-time job and photography is her hobby. Penelope’s job sometimes sucks the life out of her so she picks up her camera and goes exploring. Photography is Penelope’s therapy. Lately, though, she hasn’t felt much like picking up her camera. Life has sort of gotten her down and by the end of the workday, she’s just doesn’t have any energy left for playing and when she does she feels like there isn’t anything to photograph. Penelope has lost her vision for creating images and is struggling to SEE new things to photograph. She feels like she is in a rut so puts her camera down and doesn’t use it.

Meet Technical Troy. Troy is an amazing photographer and all of his images are technically perfect but Troy feels like something is missing from them. They are pretty pictures but they don’t have any soul, no emotion and don’t really tell any stories. Troy feels like he’s hit a wall with his photography because of this.

If one of these scenarios describes how you’re feeling lately, my 6-week mentorship can help you. I promise it will push you out of your comfort zone and get you back out with your camera. You’ll get feedback and be able to share the experience with up to 10 other photographers in a private community. Fun will be had and there maybe wine and popcorn, how can you pass that up?

Want to join us? YES, get me out of this funk!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly.

Here’s to finding our motivation, muses and creativity again and getting out of the photography slump.


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