‘Tis the season

Over on facebook a few of my friends and I have posted the following:

Support your local artists and businesses.
Before heading to the mall or to Amazon for gifts this Christmas, consider giving the gift of art from local artists or supporting local and small businesses. By local, I not only mean in your immediate area but independent artists all around the world that create amazing things that make for very personal presents. Below is the website for my fine art photography that I create and sell, my penguin calendars and links to my inventory sale as well as Vida where my artwork is printed on clothing and home goods.
I would like to invite any of my other artists and small business owner friends to post where people might find their artwork online or in-person in the comments so that people may discover your work as well.


I’d like to take that a step further and share some of my artist friends, both local and not. There are photographers, painters, musicians and business owners who help other businesses, among other things. Each day for the next 12 days I will share a link to their stores and/or sites. Take a look to see what you can find. You might just find that perfect gift you’ve not been able to find anywhere else.

Day 1

Mark Rodriguez artist
Mark Rodriguez is a true artist and incredibly creative in the many artforms he works in. His work is funny, sometimes dark and he inspires so many of us. He shares more than just merchandise on his website.


Christi Kraft Photography
On the other side of the spectrum is Christy Kraft whose work is light, airy, and colorful with a focus on the details. If you are looking for home or office decor you’re sure to find something in her shop.


What will tomorrow bring? Stay tuned!

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