Hello There! Remember Me?

I felt like editing an image today. Yay me! Big deal you say? Well yes, lately it is a big deal.
Apologies to those 2 of you who actually read and follow me here, I’ve been gone, been back, been half-assed here and just not focused on my own work and life for the last year and a half. It’s ok though, my mom needed me to be there for her and I was. Grateful that I was able to do that and be there for her. You can actually read about some of that here.

What’s Now?

Now? I’ve been learning some things about myself, my work, what I want to do, what I don’t want to do and where I’m going (besides crazy of course.)
Today, I finally felt like editing an image. While I have been doing a little editing and posting, I haven’t been doing much.

What’s Next?

This is what I’m excited about. The next chapter. You are invited to come along with me on this one. You’ll learn more in a month or two. I think you’ll like it.

Going back?

I may go back a bit as there are some exciting things that happened that I never really shared here.

Sill Branch Creek

In the meantime, enjoy this image from Cherokee National Forest, Sill Branch Creek. It was a long weekend away with some hiking and also exploring Asheville, NC for a couple of days. More on this trip and another getaway trip later Interested in purchasing a print of this, just click on it or click here.

With Appreciation ~

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