Asheville Architecture

Last month I got to spend a couple of days in the Asheville, NC area. One day was spent at the Biltmore and one day was spent wandering around downtown and following the Asheville Architecture Trail. At some point, I will put a whole album together here and share more details but for now, here is an image of one of the archways of The Grove Arcade.  Excerpt from Explore Asheville website:  Commissioned by E.W. Grove and designed by Charles Parker, this Neo-Gothic hothouse of architectural expression took its ingenious shape from 1926 to 1929 primarily as an indoor shopping arcade (prior to the modern era of malls).

This image

I was trying to replace the sky in this image but lost my patience. I’ve done it so rarely and every time I try in a simple shot like this I get it to work the first time and then I want to change something and couldn’t get the paste into function to work again. So here you have it, blown out sky.

To see more images from Asheville or to purchase this one click here.

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