Rusty Foxglove in Lurie Gardens at Millennium Park in Chicago

I have this lovely new home for my work and words and yet I have not spent much time here. That does need to and will change.

I was feeling a little creative tonight and was inspired by (am always inspired by) Shari Miller’s florals. Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day in Chicago with her. A lovely lunch to catch up and then wandering around Millennium Park and Lurie Gardens. That’s where I found these fuzzy tongue flowers, don’t they look like they’re waiting to catch snowflakes? Thankfully Lurie Gardens has a list of the plant life on their website.

This started out in one way as I tried to get it to look like what I had in my head, then while experimenting with sliders in Lightroom I decided to take it over to Topaz Labs Texture effects to see if somewhere in there the image in my head would come to life. It didn’t, but this did. I like it. It’s different for me, different is good.

So, there you have it. Short and sweet tonight to hopefully get me back in the habit of editing and posting again. I’ve gotten pretty far away from any sort of regularly doing either.

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