Today was a looooooooong day! We got to Mayo Clinic at 9:00am for a possible consultation but there weren’t any openings so we had an hour and a half until the next appointment.  I did bring my camera with me but I did not bring it out all day.  Part of me felt uncomfortable shooting in a place where so many people are in some sort of medical pain/distress/hurt/unknown, etc. and the other part of me didn’t feel right about not sitting there to wait with my mom.    I didn’t even take that many phone shots today, lack of sleep = lack of motivation!

So here are a few from today.

Mayo Clinic Day 2 ©2017 Lauri Novak

10th floor parking garage

Mayo Clinic Day 2 ©2017 Lauri Novak-4

Butt Prints Or Waiting?

Mayo Clinic Day 2 ©2017 Lauri Novak-3

Ceiling details

Mayo Clinic Day 2 ©2017 Lauri Novak-2

Parking garage reflections

My point of view, my usual take on things and how I see, what I see and the perspectives we can find if we look for them.  I’m lucky, they tend to just find me!

Tomorrow we have no appointments!  Sleep in! (ha – if only).  I am going to head back in and explore the subway (much like the Chicago Pedway – only it’s all connected!) and the skyway because it’s been quite cold and windy outside!  Then I get to meet a friend for lunch! Bonus!

That’s it for today.  I hope you’re enjoying coming along on this necessary adventure with me.

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