Where's the Off Switch

I need an off switch.

Phone shot because I’m a big dork. My brain is fried and overloaded from this week, awake in the middle of the night for a couple of hours and it all takes a toll.

Got my camera and gear together to go out and shoot in the morning.  Take the battery charger out, take the extra battery out to put in camera, take battery out of camera, 2 seconds later I can only find one battery.  Poof.  WTH.  Like the battery needed to mess with my head because my brain wasn’t functioning properly today.

Had to get out of the house for a bit because I feel like I’ve been coupled up this week so I ran up to World Market to use some free coffee coupons I have (Eight 12oz bags for free!!).  Get to the store, no wallet in my purse.  I went in the store anyway and just wandered around a bit.  These versions of Edison bulbs caught my eye so I just took a few shots with my phone.

I get home, realize that I had previously put my wallet in my camera bag so I’m ready in the morning.  Look under bed for extra battery, that’s where it had decided to hide.  Inanimate objects messing with me.  Who needs that!

I have no idea how those of you who have insomnia even function.

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